8 Things You Need To Know About Buying A Home

I am a realtor and real estate investor based in Centennial, Colorado, With over 15 years of experience,  I aim to help homebuyers make smart, strategic purchases. I advises first-time and “experienced” buyers alike to build a team of experts, scrutinize their finances, and remain in control throughout the process.

Buying a home or investing in real estate is one of the most expensive and life-altering decisions most people make. Since it's not a topic that's heavily touched upon in school, most people end up "winging it" and learning on the fly.
Sure, that's one way to approach it. A better way is to get familiar with important concepts and practices that can help you make sound buying decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

As a real estate agent, investor, and coach, I've been through countless transactions with clients. My goal is always to provide a framework for buyers to make smart, strategic purchases.

Here are my eight best pieces of advice for buyers:

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Real estate is an important component of the U.S. and global economies. For many Americans, homeownership doubles as a first investment. Beyond a primary residence, investors also can buy into the commercial real-estate market: Office buildings, multifamily housing, hospitals, parking lots, storage facilities, retail properties, call centers, distribution hubs, hotels and restaurants form a sector with its own economic ups and downs.

In 2016, the S&P 500 recognized real estate as its own sector, separating it from financial services where it had been buried for years—a move some view as a portent of more real-estate investment to come and that others view with indifference. Currently, real estate accounts for less than 5% of the S&P 500 by market cap.

How much do you know about real estate—and real-estate investing?

1. What foreign country’s investors are buying the most U.S. commercial real estate?

A. China

B. Canada


R-2-B Zoning in Englewood for sale. Rare opportunity for a killer duplex

Investors or Developers R-2-B Zoning!!! Rare opportunity for a killer duplex (Can be subdivided with separate legal description) or triplex building lot in a highly-sought-after neighborhood in Englewood. Just 4 lots N of Dartmouth & Elati, it's a quiet, up-and-coming neighborhood with great neighbors, right around the corner from Broadway, Santa Fe, Light Rail, William E. Bishop Elementary School, neighborhoodcommunity gardens, RiverPoint shopping, Walmart, Kings Soopers, Safeway & a lot more. Buy to redevelop and resell at just over $100k per unit for the dirt!!! The home is currently boarded up, the real value is in the land. NO SHOWINGS. PLEASE DRIVE BY AND SEE THE LAND. Survey and Soil test are already done. Broker Remarks Tons of duplexes & triplexes being built in the neighborhood (Four planned in the next year plus two already built. All in the same block). R-2-B is what you want to maximize your return. Rents are going for $2200+ per unit in the triplex rental…

You need to make more than $80,000 a year to afford the median Denver-area home

A new report highlights just how far out of reach home ownership is for many in the Denver metro area. An individual or household needs to make at least $81,349.82 a year in order to afford the median home in the Denver metro area. Compare that to the Denver metro area’s median household income, which was $71,146 in 2015, the latest year for which data are available. The analysis used median single-family home price data from the second quarter of 2017, which amounted to $424,500. That price encompasses the entire metro area and not just the city of Denver.
In calculating the salary required, We assumed a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage with a 4.11 percent interest rate and a 20 percent down payment, which would mean a monthly payment of $1,898.16. That includes the principal, interest and estimated taxes and insurance. A 20 percent down payment isn’t always necessary, but putting down less money upfront will lead to higher monthly payments. With a 10 percent down payment, one would need…

Denver-area home prices drop slightly again in August; still up year-over-year

The cost of buying a home in the Denver metro area dipped slightly for the second straight month in August, according to the latest data from the Denver Metro Association of Realtors.
The median sale price of all residential properties was $380,000 last month, a decrease of $5,000 from the month before. Compared to the same time last year, however, prices are still up more than 8 percent.
While it’s difficult to say if the past couple months are indicative of a trend, Realtors say the numbers do seem to show that the market is cooling down some.
Housing numbers can be presented in ways to paint many different pictures, Overall, it is still a positive market even though we are transitioning towards something that looks more normal. 38,553 residential properties have sold so far this year, setting a new record for the metro area. That number is 4.35 percent higher than the same time last year.
While housing inventory continues to climb, it’s still far below the historical average of mo…

Man Who Experienced Eye Damage During 1962 Solar Eclipse Gives Warning to Others

A man who damaged his eyes 55 years ago while looking at a partial solar eclipse is warning others about the risks of looking at the sun without protection.
In 1962, Lou Tomososki walked home from Marshall High School in Bend, Oregon, with his friend Roger Duval, when the two stopped to watch the partial eclipse occurring in the sky. While they only looked with their naked eyes for a few seconds, the damage the sun caused to Tomososki’s vision would stay with him for the rest of his life.
According to Today, Tomososki began to see flashes in his vision, similar to the spots that occur when a picture is taken with a flashbulb. Tomososki, now 70, has experienced vision problems since then, and he is warning those who want to enjoy the Great American Eclipse on August 21 to wear eye protection while looking at the celestial event.
“It’s going to be over real quick and it’s not worth taking a chance,” Lou Tomososki told KGW.
Tomososki learned that he had burned the retina in his right ey…

Is summer the best time to buy or sell a house?

Summertime in the housing market brings countless buying and selling opportunities. But with all the competition out there, would people be better off waiting a few months?

Real estate experts say no. They contend home prices peak from June to August and say there are advantages to buying during the market’s busiest season.

But some agents disagree: A huge myth about the real estate market is that homes sell for more in the summer and less in the winter. This is simply not true.

Other forces play a role in the asking price, such as the amount of homes for sale in an area, interest rates, and the job market. There are more homes on the market in summer than in the winter, and there is also a higher number of sales in the summer than the winter. Broader inventory means more choices, making buyers feel more confident in their search because additional properties hit the market every week, the large inventory offers significantly more opportunities for purchasers to identify specific flo…

A Moving Guide: All moving companies are not created equal!

To help alleviate the stress of moving, is offering a moving guide that incorporates 500 recent customer surveys and quotes from 20 moving companies. They looked for companies that can accommodate travel anywhere in the country, have helpful FAQ sections on their websites, a “painless” quote process (which typically takes about 10 minutes), and a readily available claims department.

“Moving is a pain, and even if you hire the best moving company, it’s no guarantee that it will be any less so,” notes in its guide. “But a great service will be friendly and efficient online, on the phone, and in person—and if it has a good track record of getting from point A to point B without a mishap, all the better.” picked the following top moving companies:

Atlas Van Lines
Bekins Moving and Storage
Source: “The Best Moving Companies,” (2017)

12M Consumers May Get Credit-Score Boost Soon

The three largest credit-reporting agencies will begin cleaning up credit reports in July, which could help lift the credit scores of about 12 million consumers.

In a survey by the Federal Trade Commission, one in four people say they spot errors in their credit reports, most commonly concerning tax liens and civil judgments. Up to half of tax lien data on a credit report is inaccurate or incomplete. Civil judgments—which means a court has ruled a person owes money—also tend to be ripe with errors or omissions on a credit report, experts say. Consumers can dispute the errors, but the process can be cumbersome.

Beginning July 1, Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion will automatically exclude tax lien and civil judgment records from credit reports if they are missing a person’s name, address, Social Security number, or date of birth. Claims that do contain this key information, however, will remain on credit reports.

Six percent of Americans with a credit score—or 12 million— likely will …

Denver area multi-million-dollar homes are selling fast!

More Denver area multi-million-dollar homes sold in May compared with both a month and a year earlier. In the Denver metro area, there were 232 sales of residential properties priced $1 million and higher in May, which is a 38 percent increase from the same month in 2016 and a 27 percent increase from April.
Although there are more sales, buyers of the luxury homes might be getting a deal these days, as the median sales price for luxury properties in May dipped slightly to $1,293,150 compared with $1,296,000 in May 2016.
Of the luxury home sales in the Denver metro area, 21 were of properties priced $2 million or more last month, the same as in May of 2016. Seven $3 million-plus homes were sold in May, compared to five in May 2016 and eight $3 million-plus sales last month, The most expensive Denver sale last month was an 11,716-square-foot estate with five bedrooms and six bathrooms, trading for $5,850,000.

In Colorado right now, the most expensive home for sale is a 6,919-acre Mesa…

Open house in Englewood: The Future of ADU's and Zoning.

As home prices and rental rates continue to soar with little restraint across the metro area, a decidedly unsexy topic — accessory dwelling units — is generating more heat as communities look to the small living spaces on small lots for needed relief in an overheated real estate market.

On Tuesday night, Englewood will hold an open house on accessory dwelling units to get feedback from the public on what the rental units should look like and where in this city of 33,000 they should and should not be allowed.

According to the Denver Metro Association of Realtors, the average price in April of a single-family home in metro Denver reached a dizzying $487,974 — a new high. Meanwhile, rents in the metro area resumed their upward climb this year after pulling back somewhat last fall. The average apartment rents rose to $1,446 in May, up $19 over April’s average.

By virtue of their smaller size, accessory dwelling units tend to be cheaper to rent than conventional apartments. Englewood is p…

Colorado’s unemployment rate at 2.3%

Colorado’s unemployment rate in May stayed at 2.3 percent, maintaining its lowest-ever level — and the lowest nationally — as jobs in the private sector grew and government employment in the state fell slightly.
The largest private sector job gains were in trade, transportation, and utilities, education and health services, and leisure and hospitality. The largest declines were in professional and business services, and manufacturing, according to the labor department. The state’s record-low unemployment rate is a mark visited only four other times by any state in recent U.S. history. The rate is so low, it is acting like an anchor on the state’s economy, leaving thousands of jobs unfilled and hurting the ability of businesses to meet customer demands, economists warned. Colorado’s unemployment rate has been steadily dropping since February, when it was at 2.9 percent. In May 2016, the level was 3.4 percent. The state says nonfarm payroll jobs have increased by 62,000 over the past 1…

1031 Exchanges Under Threat?

A major tax advantage for the real estate industry may be one of the casualties in a sweeping federal tax reform expected this year. Some lawmakers are eyeing the 1031 exchange provision to get the tax-rate cut they seek. The provision allows sellers of real estate and other assets to defer capital gains taxes by reinvesting any profit in “like-kind” properties. The 1031 exchange applies to a range of assets, but real estate accounts for the largest portion of exchanges at 36 percent.
The Joint Committee on Taxation estimated in 2014 that repealing like-kind exchanges could raise $40.6 billion in extra tax revenue over one decade. Several lawmakers consider the provision to be loophole that has limited economic benefit and, therefore, some are looking to put it on the chopping block in order to pay for lower tax rates.
Any threat to 1031 exchanges would cause a lot of transactions not to occur, and investors who purchase real estate through 1031 exchanges are more likely to invest in…

9 Landscaping Projects to Improve Resale

As the weather starts to heat up each Spring, so too does the housing market. Spring is an optimal time to get your house ready to sell. The first thing that potential buyers will see of your home is the landscaping, so make a great first impression with beautiful outdoor spaces. An investment in landscaping can help sell your home faster and for more money. There are simple projects at every price point that can help you achieve great curb-appeal.

Inexpensive $

1. Keep the Lawn Well-Manicured
The easiest and most obvious landscape project when hoping to sell your home is to get your lawn looking its best. Spring is a great season to try to sell because your lawn is helped by Mother Nature. Wet, mild Spring weather will help the lawn stay green with less effort. To show off that green lawn, make sure to mow and edge it often.

2. Keep Your Yard Weed Free
It may not cost much, but it will require some time and effort to control the weeds around your property. Spray or pull weeds in flowe…