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I love where I live

I was going through my blog and I came across this feel good article that makes me smile every time I read it: 40 Reasons I Live Where I Live It was originally published in 2012 but the author took it down and I am glad I kept a copy of it.

I have lived here since 1991 and I love where I live, and would not trade it for another place.

I can eat at a new restaurant every night and never eat in the same place.

I'm 25 minutes from an amazing aquarium, a half-dozen fantastic theaters, the airport, a stunning natural history museum, a massive art museum, multiple shopping malls, every type of gym and fitness center you could ever need, and MORE.

If I wanted to ride my bike for thousands of miles every year without riding on the road a single time, I could. The cycling infrastructure here is phenomenal.

We don't just have one good Zoo, we have several of the nation's best Zoos and sanctuaries, including one that's build entirely on a mountain.

The culture of music and art is…