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Emergency Preparedness and "YOU" Are You Prepared?

Emergency Preparedness

The Town of Parker's Emergency Operations Plan

What can you do to Prepare?

Emergency preparedness is everyone's job. Disasters of all kinds, ranging from
floods to winter storms, can happen when least expected. It is important that
each household be prepared before disaster strikes with a 72-hour Family
Emergency Kit, so each family can be self-sufficient until relief arrives.
Assembling the following items to create your own 72-hour Family Emergency Kit
will be a great start in preparing your household for the new millennium. Such
preparation will be valuable in potential emergencies that may affect our area
such as blizzards, power outages, floods, tornadoes, or hazardous materials

You Must Be Ready To Act on Your Own

The 72-Hour Emergency Kit should be individually tailored to meet the basic
survival needs of your family for three days to a week. Most families prefer to
store their emergency supplies in a location that is relatively safe, yet easily

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