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How to use one day codes for SentriLock (For Realtors)

How to Use 1 Day CodesYou can use the following instructions to open the key compartment of a lockbox with a 1 day code.On the lockbox's keypad, press and hold ENT. This will "wake up" the lockbox.When the lockbox lights up the keypad, enter your 1 day code. For example 2862745, and press ENT.The lockbox will open the key compartment.Here are some possible problems and what to do about them:If the CODE and ERROR lights alternate after you enter a 1 day code, you've entered an incorrect code. You should verify the code with the owner of the lockbox.If pressing the ENT key in step 1 above does not wake up the lockbox (that is, the lockbox keypad does not light up), the lockbox owner may have locked the keypad (either with or without intending to). Normally the lockbox unlocks its keypad when a showing agent inserts his or her SentriCard®. Since you are using a 1 day code, you probably do not have a SentriCard®. You can unlock the keypad by inserting a credit card or bu…