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What your buyers say they like when searching for a home...

Nearly four out of five home buyers worked with a real estate agent to purchase a home. When searching for a home, the most desired features were central air conditioning, an oversized garage, a walk-in closet, and a backyard or play area. The most desired rooms/spaces were garages, living rooms and laundry rooms.Repeat buyers placed more importance than first-time buyers on almost all home features.Over 90 percent of recent home buyers thought energy efficiency was an important consideration when searching for a home to purchase.

Age of Home Buyers

The typical home buyer for the United States and the West region have something in common, the average age is 39 years old. The highest percentage of buyers in the U.S. is in the 25-34 year range. See the chart below about buyers who purchased a home in 2007

All Buyers
The West Including Colorado

Centennial - Piney Creek January to March 2008 single family home sales report

7 residential closings up 700% over the same period in 2007. Absorption Rate is ok at 9.0 months. Its not possible to determine any kind of trend since the first three months of 2007 only saw one sale. but it is very encouraging that the sales are off the roof during the same period in 08. Also checkout the average sales price. Jan - March 2007Jan - March 2008% Change# of sales closed17700%# of sales Closed - YTD17700%Avg Days on Market229136-59%# of Active Listings-21-

Absorption Rate Definition

The rate at which a market can absorb additional units of supply without causing market saturation and severe price distortions. For example, during a recessionary period, many homeowners may list their house for sale. Since the supply of homes entering the home resale market increased without a corresponding increase in demand, the market absorption rate has been exceeded, and the market price of the resale homes declines. A simple definition is the number of months it takes to sell the current inventory at the present rate of sales.

Centennial - Heritage Greens January to March 2008 single family home sales report

4 residential closings up 400% over 2007. Absorption Rate is ok at 8.25 months. It not possible to determine any kind of trend since the first three months of 2007 only saw one sale. but it is very encouraging that the sales quadrupled during the same period in 08.
Jan - March 2007Jan - March 2008% Change# of sales closed14400%# of sales Closed - YTD14400%Avg Days on Market41052625%# of Active Listings-11-

Sunscreen: a must read

Sunscreen comes in more varieties than Heinz sauce’s. How is one to navigate the aisles and aisles of different choices and pick the right sunscreen? This quick article will help you understand UV light, sunscreen ingredients and labeling so you will be able to make the right choice for you and your family members in any sunny situation.
About UV Light
To understand sunscreens first you must understand a little about the light they are designed to filter. UV or ultraviolet light is a very short and high energy electromagnetic wave that is produced by the sun. UV light can cause changes in DNA over time leading to collagen breakdown, sun spots and cancer. Three different UV rays make it to our planet: A, B and C. UVC rays are the shortest (100-280nm) and do not affect us much because they are mostly absorbed by the upper atmosphere. UVB rays are medium size (280-315nm) and UVA rays are the longest (315-400nm). Ordinary window glass passes about 90% of the light above 350 nm (UVA), but bl…


4Th of July Parade @ Willow Creek

Denver Metrolist MLS MAP

The crabapple trees are blooming in Colorado 04/2008


The Critical Role of the Realtor® in the Real Estate Transaction
Why Was This List Prepared?
Surveys show that many homeowners and homebuyers are not aware of the true value a REALTOR® provides during the course of a real estate transaction. At the same time, regrettably, REALTORS® have generally assumed that the expertise, professional knowledge and just plain hard work that go into bringing about a successful transaction were understood and appreciated. Many of the most important services and steps are performed behind the scenes by either the REALTOR® or the brokerage staff and traditionally have been viewed simply as part of their professional responsibilities to the client. But, without them, the transaction could be placed in jeopardy. This publication seeks to close that gap. Listed on the following pages are nearly 200 typical actions, research steps, processes and review stages necessary for a successful residential real estate transaction and normally provided by a full servic…

Centennial - Willow Creek January to March 2008 single family home sales report

11 residential closings up 57% over 2007. Absorption Rate is good at 5.72 months, and the best news is the increase in $/SqFt by 9%
This list has all subdivisions in the Willow Creek including Willow Creek, Willow Creek II, Willow Creek III, Townhouses and Cluster homes.

Jan - March 2007
Jan - March 2008
% Change
# of sales closed
# of sales Closed - YTD
Avg Days on Market
# of Active Listings

Hard drive online back up solutions

Mozy or Cabbonite
This is the best backup solution on the market today. The prices have gone down to as little as $ 5/month
Even if you have other external hard drives or you if you are still using discs to back up your information, you need an online solution to protect you in case of fire, theft, or data loss. I went with Mozy because of the price, ease of usage and security.
Do not wait; you need to back up your computer today.

Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent

A little advice to all home sellers: When choosing an agent to sell your home, please make sure that they have a full service showing service or company behind them. Some agents (with small and large firms alike) do not bother submitting the listing to a true listing service (saves a couple of bucks) and instead rely on their cell phone to take a message and call back at a latter time that may no longer be appropriate for the showing agent. Remember: If you do not show your home; you are not going to sell it. Second: An agent that gives the lock box combo over the phone is an agent that is compromising the safety of your home, because most of the time they have no way of verifying the credentials of the caller.

Colorado watering guidelines for new trees

Have you ever wondered how much water you need for your new trees?
Follow this simple guideline for the first two or three seasons after you plant a tree. (This guide line is good for trees planted in Colorado or other area with similar climates)
Watering session is 10 gallons of water per 1 inch diameter (trunk of the tree) Example: A 3" tree trunk needs 30 gallons per watering session.

Spring: (Mar/May) one watering session every other week
Summer: (Jun/Aug) one watering session every other day
Fall: (Sep/Nov) one watering session every other week
Winter: (Dec/Feb) one watering session every month (if no measurable snow)

Computer hard drive crash

The first time my computer hard drive was wiped-out, it was about five years ago. I lost few pictures and some files but nothing that my life depended on. Since then I went out and purchased an external hard drive and once a month or so I backed all my files like anyone should. The problem is that when I lost my hard drive last week, I also lost all my work since the last back up. I was able to take the hard drive to a local computer store who charged me $200 to do a level two restoration of all my files. But even with the restoration I still lost some files in my email box.
Please please please back up your files because it is only a matter of when your hard drive will crash.
I will tell you soon about my new secret weapon.