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See The Cheapest And Most Expensive Denver Neighborhoods For Renters This Fall

Rent prices in Denver remained the 13th most expensive in the country this October, as one bedrooms slid 1.5% to a median of $1,300, while two bedrooms similarly were down 2.2% to $1,770. Despite this trend, prices in the city are still up between 1-4% this past quarter depending on bedroom type.

In terms of neighborhood pricing, asking rents this fall ranged between $700-$2,300 for a one bedroom. The most expensive areas were centered around "the Golden Triangle" ($2,275), "LoDo" ($2,150), and the "Central Business District" ($1,735). More affordable prices could be found to the southwest and east, with neighborhoods primarily priced in the low $1,000’s for a one bedroom. "Villa Park" on the city's western edge, ranks as the most affordable neighborhood in Denver at $780 for a 1 bedroom in October. To see how Denver stacks up to the rest of the country, and view full rental data for the top 50 cities in the US, read the National Rent Report…