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Large single family home sales report in Willow Creek jan 2006 to june 2008

Willow Creek in Centennial is a large subdivision of more than 1800 homes. The homes in willow creek vary widely form one area to another, and are subdivided into multiple HOA's. Determining the value of a home in WC is more of an art than a science, since the homes vary from, Townhomes, to Patio homes, to single family homes with an attached garage. In order to come up with a reasonable idea of what your home's value is, we organized our reports into four separate categories: Townhomes, Patio homes with a detached garage, Single family homes smaller than 2400 sq feet, and larger single family homes over 2400 (above ground) sq feet.This report is for homes larger than 2400 Square feet in Centennial, Willow Creek
DateAvg sale price ($)Avg days on marketAvg $/SqFeetHomes SoldJan-Jun 2006415K461628Jul-Dec 2006425K6816619Jan-Jun 2007435K541628Jul-Dec 2007

Single family home sales in Willow Creek 2006 to 2008

Single family home sales in Willow Creek 2006-2007-2008. Data is for homes 2400 Square feet or less (cluster homes), with an attached garage, excluding the Huntington -ranch model.

DateAvg sale price ($)Avg days on marketAvg $/SqFeetHomes SoldJan-Jun 2006311K7116421Jul-Dec 2006319K8316224Jan-Jun 2007310K12415710Jul-Dec 2007310K89

Townhome sales trend in Willow Creek (centennial)

Townhouse sales data in Willow Creek 2006-2007-2008

DateAvg sale price ($)Avg days on marketAvg $/SqFeetHomes SoldJan-Jun 2006268K151545Jul-Dec 2006236K11113812Jan-Jun 2007233K471458Jul-Dec 2007228K96

Patio home sales trend in Willow Creek (centennial)

Patio home sales data in Willow Creek (homes with a detached garage) 2006-2007-2008

DateAvg sale price ($)Avg days on marketAvg $/SqFeetHomes SoldJan-Jun 2006269K251515Jul-Dec 2006280K161604Jan-Jun 2007273K771556Jul-Dec 2007267K62

Homes sold in Centennial, Willow Creek between June to August 2008

This is a list of homes sold in Willow Creek. The data is from Arapahoe County and includes homes sold by various realtors through the MLS as well as FSBOs. The data is for recorded sales between 06-01-2008 and 08-31-2008. Please contact us if you have any questions about this data or if you want us to help you determine the true value of your home.

Willow Creek Townhomes:

xxxx E PHILLIPS PL, 2Bd, 3Ba, Sq Feet 1716, “TOWNHOUSE" Sold Price $239,000, Recording Date "4-JUN-2008"

xxxx E PHILLIPS PL, 2Bd, 2Ba, Sq Feet 1716 “TOWNHOUSE" Sold Price $180,000, Recording Date "12-AUG-2008"

xxxx E PHILLIPS CIR, 2Bd, 2Ba, Sq Feet 1716 “TOWNHOUSE" Sold Price $246,000, Recording Date "3-JUL-2008"

Single Family Homes (Oganized by date):

xxxx S SPRUCE CT, 3Bd, 2Ba, Sq Feet 1906
Sold Price $321,000, Recording Date "4-JUN-2008" xxxx S XENIA CT, 3Bd, 3Ba, Sq Feet 2191 Sold Price $368,000, Recording Date "6-JUN-2008"

xxxx S SPRUCE CIR, 3Bd, 2Ba, Sq Feet …

Front loader washer rebate in Centennial

Southgate water district is a participant in the Denver Water rebate program, if you purchase a front loader washing machine from now until the end of the year you are eligible for a $150 rebate if you live in any of the areas served by Southgate. The rebate form does not list Southgate as one of the participant but we verified it with both Denver Water and Southgate that they will honor the rebate. You can find the rebate form by following this link. If you are not sure if Southgate is your water provider please click here to see a map of the areas they serve. (to list a few neighborhood they serve: Willow Creek, Walnut Hills, Greenwood Hills, The Preserve and many others..)
Front loaders use 75% less water compared with traditional washers and are another way of living green in your home and life.

Foreclosure Predators in Colorado

Homeowners falling behind on their payments are also falling victim to foreclosure predators. Once a property owner has missed two or three monthly payments, a lender routinely files a public notice of default with the county recorder’s office. This is the road to formal foreclosure. Scam artists simply have to read the notices to find possible victims. They then descend on the homeowners with an outstretched hand and offer to help, and trick them into signing over title to their homes. Usually, the rescuer is a stranger, who contacts them with a “great offer” to save their home. They say that they or another third party can temporarily “share” or assume title to the homeowner’s property That way, with someone else’s name on the title, struggling homeowners can refinance and improve their credit. And then once their credit is repaired, they would get sole title back. But in reality, this is when the second round of trouble starts. Victims find that their name has been removed from the…

My First Sale HGTV show in Denver CO

The Home and Garden Television (HGTV) show “My First Sale” a new show from the producers of the HGTV hit show “My First Place,” are kicking off their first season in Denver, CO! They are in search of fun and enthusiastic first time home sellers to feature on the show. “My First Sale” is very similar to “My First Place,” but instead of taking the point-of-view of first time homebuyers, They want to see what it takes to sell your first place! It’s a documentary-style show, so they don’t assist with any of the aspects of the process, they just want to document the journey. If you are a first time home sellers, I would love to talk with you further to see if you would be interested in this opportunity. Filming can begin almost immediately, and the home must be located within an hour’s drive of Denver. The sellers must also be moving into a new home, although they don’t get into that process as much. Ideally, they are looking for single-family homes.

Homes Sold Report for Willow Creek (Jan-Aug 2008)

Sold Real Estate Report for Willow Creek in Centennial. Data is from the County of Arapahoe, and reflects sold homes during the period of January to august 2008

Homes Sold
Day on Market
Sold Price
$/Sq Feet
Homes Over 2400 SqFt
Homes Under 2400 SqFt
Patio Homes

Willow Creek Map

Willow Creek in Centennial is composed of four separate subdivisions.
I hope you find this map useful to determine the HOA you belong to or what subdivision you would like to move to.
We are your Willow Creek Mortgage and Real Estate experts; Please contact us if you have any further questions.

2008 Willow Creek Picnic Pictures

The Willow Creek picnic was a hit. Some of the neighbors were there early and most helped with the set up and the pickup after the party. The storm gave us a scare for a while, but overall it was not bad; it rained for about 15 minutes, but we had plenty of shelter and tents. Thank to all that helped monitor the kids and with the cleanup. and we hope to see all next summer.

The Official Volleyball Team :)

Games, Games, Games...

The Picnic was sponsored by Sarah Beezley with US Bank, and Saber Amine with

The Castle Bouncer Slide Combo provided hours of entertainment and great shelter during the 15 min rain session.

The Balloonist

The Bubble Pool was a hit with the younger crowd

Rachel did a fantastic job with the face paint

The Burlap Potato Sack Race