I love where I live

I was going through my blog and I came across this feel good article that makes me smile every time I read it: 40 Reasons I Live Where I Live It was originally published in 2012 but the author took it down and I am glad I kept a copy of it.

I have lived here since 1991 and I love where I live, and would not trade it for another place.

I can eat at a new restaurant every night and never eat in the same place.

I'm 25 minutes from an amazing aquarium, a half-dozen fantastic theaters, the airport, a stunning natural history museum, a massive art museum, multiple shopping malls, every type of gym and fitness center you could ever need, and MORE.

If I wanted to ride my bike for thousands of miles every year without riding on the road a single time, I could. The cycling infrastructure here is phenomenal.

We don't just have one good Zoo, we have several of the nation's best Zoos and sanctuaries, including one that's build entirely on a mountain.

The culture of music and art is strong and thriving, finding performance art, murals, and so much more is effortless.

Beer: Lot's of really delicious beer. Whiskey too.

Local. Period. I can live my life entirely supporting local businesses, locally grown food, locally owned/operated restaurants, there's even locally designed and built 3D printers and space planes.

Almost every major technology company has at least an office here.

Every weekend there's a free activity or event going on. https://www.facebook.com/FreeThingstodoinColorado

The snowboarding is incredible. The hiking is to die for.

Taking photos here is like cheating, almost anything you take while out is dynamic and gorgeous.

Sand dunes, snowy mountains, winding rivers, lush valleys, it goes on and friggin' on.

The air is clean, dry, and crisp. The lack of humidity means the heat isn't so bad, and you’ll never have a bad hair day.

On top of that, this is the happiest city in the country, and while people seem to forget that, when I moved here I was in shock at how nice most people were to me.

I live in Centennial, Colorado.


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